Get detailed information on the key elements of <FlexKit/> infrastructure. And learn about our unparalleled approach to the creation of the most high-quality, fast and powerful web applications.

  • Typography Includes such styles as headings and body text, quotes, lists, text delimiter, etc.
  • flexgrid
  • Grid The grid system - is an attempt to speed up the site development through the use of classes.
  • Columns Is an alternative to conventional grid. Columns are controlled by a class .column_N that is specified to the parent element. The width of internal blocks is equal.
  • Tables The standard format contains the minimum spacing and only horizontal lines between the rows.
  • Forms Form creation is designed to be simple and very flexible. Forms are created with the combination of standard form elements and the grid.
  • Buttons Buttons is a handy tool to implement standard behavior of the elements on a page
  • Images By default all images are adaptive regarding the screen width
  • Custom classes
  • Responsive utilities Media queries allow you to change the CSS "on the fly", depending on the screen size, width and height ratio of the screen, the device type, etc. It is generally used to change min-width and max-width.

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